Louineau at the BATIMAT Trade Show

Louineau, concepteur et fabricant de solutions de mise en œuvre de menuiseries extérieures, ne cesse d’évoluer et innove ...
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Malerba reveals its new visual identity!

A l'occasion de ce Batimat 2017, la marque Malerba a révélé sa nouvelle identité visuelle ! Leader en ...
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Ninkasi’s Signage Project Installation Finished

Fin de l'installation de la signalétique pour les 20 ans du Ninkasi Gerland qui s'offre une nouvelle jeunesse! ...
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Octave Restaurant’s Signage

Retour aux sources en cette rentrée pour l'atelier avec la signalétique du Restaurant L'Octave , réalisée en peinture! ...
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Stand / Exhibit


Custom Designed Stands

Configuration, space, design. Custom solutions that meet the demands of each event and make your stand truly unique!

Reusable Exhibition Stands

Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Rome, Berlin
Specifically designed for repeated setups and takedowns, your stands follow you everywhere as well as our installers who travel with you to do all the preparation and teardown.. Travel mind-free..

Discover our 3 year option 'Stand Contract' 


Space Design

Reception area, showroom, commercial space, break rooms.
Reception area, locker room, and work space - We manufacture all of the furniture to make your space as functional as possible.


Stored, accounted for, and safe
A plan is put together to assure that your structures are stored in the best conditions. Our dedicated building is capable of accommodating trailer trucks to make loading and off-loading as easy as possible.




Interior Signage

We work with the latest numeric technology and research in innovative materials and supports.

Exterior Signage

Choosing the best support depending on the type of environment.


Temporary buildings / Construction Site Signs

There are multiple names to define temporary sales structures, Temporary sales promotion exhibition stand, temporary sales office, modular building, but regardless of the name, we always maintain our highest standards of quality. We believe your promotion should also include a warm, welcoming, nice and comfortable space where your clients are happy to stay.

Vehicle Wraps

Integrated graphics to design 100% original creations.